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Aquatic Turtle Health/Diet Care How-To  DVD Guide

Aquatic Turtle Health/Diet Care How-To DVD Guide

Manufacturer: Pet Video Library
SKU: 920
UPC: 731555715902
Price: $8.96
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The Essential Guide to Caring for your Aquatic Turtle Guide DVD from Pet Video Library

  • Approximately 30 minutes

The Basics:

  • Learn about habitat requirements for your aquatic turtle. Also proper handling and health.


  • Follow along as we lay out the important necessary elements needed including lighting, square footage, filtration, and substrate for a safe & comfortable home.


  • Proper location, basking area, water temperatures & aquascaping for your aquatic turtles habitat.

Proper Diet:

  • Learn the recommended dietary mix of proteins & carbohydrates to maintain the optimum health of your aquatic turtle.

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